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Boston Based Somos Premiere New Single & Music Vid For "Thorn In The Side"

Boston's own Somos have premiered their new single and music video for "Thorn In The Side", off their new album First Day Back which will be out on February 19th. The vid was shot over the course of an entire day, and shows picturesque shots of downtown Boston with a mellow, low key indie vibe that is indicative of where the guys ciurrently are in their musical lives, and transcends that sort of beautiful imagery and poignant melodies located deep within that makes this video and song beautiful beyond imagination. I enjoyed the experience immensely, and it really made me appreciate the band that much more that already has a deep connection with the local area, and ensures that said connection will run the gamut all over and elevate the band to levels of greatness that are on the verge of exploding right now as we speak. A tremendous vid that you should definitely take the time out right now to view in its entirety.

You can check out the vid for "Thorn In The Side" over on Noisey right here, and for more on Somos you can 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow their adventures on Twitter at this junction here.

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