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Berklee Grads Night Lights Release Brand New Single "Take My Hand"

Formerly based in Boston but now calling Los Angeles their home base, NIght Lights have released a brand new song just the other day titled "Take My Hand". The tune is a welcome return to form for the group that electrified fans here in the Boston area over the last few years with their delightful blend of indie electro-pop that combined forces into one otherworldly exerpeince that allowed fans to gobble them up each and every time. They've been featured countless times here on the site over the last few years, and bassist Jeff Kinsey you might remember from another band he was in Me vs. Gravity, and has evolved into an absolute master on the bass. Yusuke continues his progress into a guitar wizard, and Dag has the looks of a Norweigan Viking warrior with his amazing drum skills, with Mauricio rounding it all out with his stellar vocal abilities reaching new heights on this unbelivable new track.

To check out "Take My Hand" for yourself, it's available streaming on Baeble Music right over here, and for more on Night Lights you can give them a 'Like' on Facebook here and follow their travels on Twitter right over here.

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