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Boston Psych Rockers The Silver Mirrors Release New EP "Sunshine Space"

Emanating from right here in Boston, psych rockers The Silver Mirrors have just unearthed their brand new EP titled "Sunshine Space". These guys may not be familiar names to you just yet, but they will be in due time with their sound that is straight out of the desert with woozy rhythms and spaced out guitar licks that put everything in perspective right away. I was curious as to what these guys sound like, and immediately found something unique and different than all the other upstart bands out there. They seem to have a strong sense of individuality and self worth that makes them that much more noticable to the naked ear, and presents an otherworldly sound that is highly inventive and reflects their musical upbringing and personalities both on and off stage. An intriguing local act that is definitely worthy of your listening time.

For more on The Silver Mirrors, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here, and check out "Sunshine Space" over on their Bandcamp site at this spot right here.

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