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Burlington, VT Natives Suburban Samurai To Kick Off Mini-Tour Next Friday 1/15 @ O'Brien's

Based out of Burlington, VT comes the trio known as Suburban Samurai, who will be kicking off a short, week-long mini-tour that will start next Friday 1/15 at O'Brien's in Allston. The tour is called the Winter Wasteland Tour, and it's an appropriate name as temperatures at night drop to bone chilling levels, but their music will definitely warm you up inside and make you feel raw and energetic. If you're not familiar with their music, it's a potent and straightforward blend of punk rock that has a melodic twist to it that you'll fall head over heels for instantly, much like how I fell in love with them. They have a unique way of putting songs in perspective, and it really makes you want to continue listening to them to see what else they have up their musical sleeve. I guarantee that you'll be bopping your head feverishly next week at O'Brien's to see the throngs of people and sonic wavelengths greeting you warmly right as soon as you walk in. Here is the band's full tour itinerary:

1-15 - O'Brien's - Allston, MA

1-16 - ATC - Woodbridge, CT

1-17 - Raven's Inn - Towson, MD

1-18 - Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA

1-19 - The Meatlocker - Montclair, NJ

1-20 - The Otherside - Wilkes Barre, PA

For more on Suburban Samurai, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here, follow on Twitter at this junction right here, and listen to all of their music on Bandcamp at this spot here.

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