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NYC Based Singer-Songwriter Ryal Releases Indelible Earworm With "Wish"

NYC based indie pop songwriter Ryal has unveiled her latest tune to the world with "Wish". This impeccably crafted tune has all the makings of an insanely catchy pop hot hit the moment you hit 'Play', and its hypnotically laced beat will have it stuck lodged inside your cranium for some time to come. There is nothing not to like about this tune, and it is guaranteed to be one of those windows down and moonroof up type of songs when the warm weather rolls around. I didn't know much about Ryal going in, but now I'm fully aware of her musical capabilities and what she is able to do with her music that sort of gives it a discotechque feel to it that you will surrender yourself to in due time. "Wish" is one of those songs that you don't want to listen to, but you secretly do because it keeps calling you out in the middle of the night flexing its musical muscles towards your general direction. An amazing artist with a wealth of potential moving forward.

To take a listen to "Wish", it's available for listening on her Soundcloud page over here, and for more on Ryal please 'Like' her on Facebook right here and follow her on Twitter at this spot here.

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