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Remembering Viola Beach 2013-2016

As I'm sure all of you know by now, UK indie band Viola Beach tragically lost their lives yesterday in Sweden when their vehicle fell through a gap on the bridge, and then crashed and fell into the river below. Such a jarring and shocking loss for a group that hadn't yet reached their full potential, and were almost a virtual unknown to those here in the States. The band were starting to generate some steam with their single "Swings and Waterslides", and were gearing up to make their first stateside appearance here in the U.S. next month at SXSW. The band were in Sweden as part of the Where's The Music? festival just the day prior. The band had a distinct indie pop feel to them, with hints of Vampire Weekend and The Kooks thrown in for measure, and were featured on BBC's Introducing special as a band to keep a watchful eye on in the coming year. I myself am totally dumbfounded and heartbroken as a music fan to watch four talented young lads, plus their manager tragically lose their lives doing what they most loved doing. We may never have known how truly big they would have become, but they clearly had the passion and drive to make music enstilled within them at a young age, and truly loved life and all things associated with it.

I express the deepest of all sympathies to the families of Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe, Jack Dakin, and Craig Tarry their manager. May your musical light shine on forever in the hearts and minds of those you loved you so dearly.

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