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Boston Based Gladiola Drop New LP "This Year's Storm"

Locally based indie rock outfit Gladiola have just dropped their brand new album just last Friday titled "This Year's Storm". Their sound is reminiscent of college rock staples like R.E.M. and Pavement with a modern, streamlined approach attached to it that makes their sound one to die for. I'm not familiar with this band at all, but I really liked their approach by taking the sounds of yesteryear, and translating it into more modern times for today's listener to draw a correlation towards. I'm a huge R.E.M. fan, so it was definitely a perfect fit for me and I immediately grappled onto their sound that has a little something for everyone. It's great to have bands around that still have a love and appreciation for the groups that came before them, and transmitting that said influence to today's musical audience that will in turn rediscover that group they once loved, and also a youthful and dynamic spirit to go along with it that makes Gladiola a band worth coming back to each and every time.

To take a listen to "This Year's Storm", it's available for streaming on Soundcloud right here, and for more info on Gladiola, 'Like' them on Facebook over here and visit their official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding the gentlemen.

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