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Animal Maps - Love In The Modern Age

Boston indie pop shoegaze outfit Animal Maps have released their brand new EP titled "Love In The Modern Age". This 5 track effort introduces the band warmly to a scene that is crowded with newcomers and veterans, but these guys stand out on their own with a remarkable set of tunes that is equal parts riveting and unlike anything else we've heard before.

"Luna" starts things out with a mystical, freeform sound that begins our musical odyssey rather quickly with a careening volley of shiny guitar licks that meld in gently with the musical waves abound that don't adhere to a certain tempo, they just form and flow naturally and do their own thing that is the manner in which the band intended. "Red Hands" is another impressive tune that is more low key than the opening track, and amps up the diversity factor righr away with a bevy of intricate percussion sounds coupled from various sources that is equally organic and really representative of the band's creative dynamic. The band is rounded out by Marcus, Corey, and Matt who definitely have a strong musical kinship that is resulting of this immense musical understanding that is constantly evolving and finding new ways to be interdependent with one another. "Little Hell" rounds out the effort with a deluge of fingersnaps, and a chillwave lovers paradise that is my favorite track off the album which is representative of everything the band is, and what they can be in the future. With stunning vocals and a tricked out, harmonic musical range, Animal Maps clearly have the tools and musical fortitude to make it in this business, and it will be only a matter of time before they're omnipresent all across the region.

In retrospect, a stunning and aurally pleasing effort from Animal Maps, a band that is starting to get its feet wet and dig their toes in the musical sand that is Boston, ready to make it their own and judging from the sound of this album, will have no issues whatsoever accomplishing that task. Highly recommended!

Score: 4.5/5

Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Luna

3. Red Hands

4. Little Hell

5. Outro

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