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Submissions Now Open For MusicBoxPete's "Bands of Spring Break" Photo Special

It's that time of year again where music and flesh meet up in our annual look of musicians showcasing another side of them that we don't get to see often in my annual "Bands of Spring Break" shirtless photo special. Our annual appreciation for musicians glimmering bods is geared towards showing the fun and laid back nature of musicians, and their ability to gaze longingly into the camera is designed to make some eyeballs pop, and ooze some arousal from those craving for some exposed flesh. As before, the submission is open to any and all musicians regardless if you've been featured on the site before and you don't have to be from the Boston area either. This is all inclusive and gets everyone involved in what has become a trademark and tradition for MusicBoxPete as the warmer weather finally approaches!

The submission deadline for all photos is March 18th. Please send all submissions to: Along with your photo, please include the following:

- Name of your act

- Locale where you're based

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