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MusicBoxPete's 2nd Annual "Bands of Spring Break" Special

Spring Break is a time of year where college students take a week long voyage to exotic locales, partaking in the warmth and basking in the glory of sun soaked beaches. Here at MusicBoxPete, it's a time for musicians to let loose, have a little fun, and expose some skin in my 2nd rendition of the "Bands of Spring Break" photo special. Started last year as a extension to the already popular "Bands of Summer" spread, this edition features musicians taking their shirts off in a humorous yet satisfying expose that allows fans to see a different side of artists that we're not used to seeing, and allows us to have even more appreciation for them and everything that they do on the creative side. Without further ado, here are this year's crop of musicians for this year's special:

Esteban Cajigas (Jack Romanov)

Starting off this list is a person no stranger to taking their shirt onstage in concert, Esteban Cajigas who helms the bass for Boston based Jack Romanov. You may rmember him from last year's special, and makes another appearance again for this years spread that sees his gllimmering and sweaty bod continue to make an impression on readers and also increases the profile of his band as well. Jack Romanov are always known for random and spontaneous antics while on stage, and most of the time it ends up with Esteban's shirt crumpled up somewhere behind back much to the delight of concertgoers. Fans will be even more satisified with this pic as the band's profile and reputation continues to grow.

Tim Mitchell (The Fantastic Liars)

Drummers are always known for being frenetic, sweaty characters, and Tim Mitchell from Boston based The Fantastic Liars is no exception as his bod graces our collection for this year's feature. The band are on the outskirts of the Boston scene, and are known for crafting frenetic and exicting sets that rivet concertgoers and also expose their sound to a whole new audience waiting in the wings. Tim can usually be found wailing on the drumset, all while going topless with his magnificent beard exciting everyone in attendance grateful to be in the presence of such beautiful mastery.

We Are Scientists

Cali born and Brooklyn based indie rockers We Are Scientists have been on the radar of the scene for quite some time, known for their humorous and random outbursts while on stage, the guys deliver this smashing piece of eye candy in this pic taken after one of their shows in France late last year. The guys definitely know how to satisfy fans in attendance and they decided to give fans a little something extra by taking their shirts off that increased the arousal factor tremendously, and gave people reasons to love the band that much more. The guys are definitely not ashamed to expose their torsos to the crowd, and are more than happy to oblige and give concertgoers what they want and when they want it.

Against All Odds

Burlington, MA based Against All Odds deserve points for creativity, and for making one of the most revealing pics yet in this terrific pic you see above. There really are no words to desrcibe this wondorous piece of skilled genius that sees the guys using skateboards to cover up their junk, and making people drool all over their keyboard while clamoring for their hot bods on the screen. Seeing this mass of flesh greet you warmly provides ample amounts of pleasure and satisfaction that will last all day long. The guys definitely have no reservations about doing this pic, and are more than pleased to show off their humorous side and give fans an experience that they won't soon forget.

Cincinnati Bearcats Swim Team

Rounding out our list with a honorable mention and to get you into the March Madness spirit is a piece sent in by the University of Cincinnati Bearcats Swim Team. These guys can usually be found supporting their Bearcats on the basketball court, and their trademark is jumping up and down in nothing but their thong swim trunks that reveal everything that we need to know about the fellas. The guys are used to being like this seeing as their sport involves being almost naked most of the time, so they have no qualms about exposing their ridiculously exquisite and finely toned bods that gets the attention of everyone involved, and also makes fans glad to support the team that much more.

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