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Woodbury, MN's Hippo Campus Set To Electrify Mid East Downstairs on 6/11

Minnesota based indie pop quartet Hippo Campus are set to make a landing in the Boston area on June 11th when they grace the stage at Mid East Downstairs. The guys have been something of an obsession with yours truly over the course of the last few months or so with their insanely catchy rhythms and non stop enjoyment that have made me an instant fan of everything that they are and what they stand for musically. I first came across them when they performed on CBS This Morning's "Saturday Sessions", and to say they made an impression on me would be a gross understatement as it was like falling in love for the first time and remembering where you were when it happened. Never before have I seen a band with so much passion, frenetic excitement, and an intricate way of letting fans come inside their brains and perch there for an extended journey. Go listen to "Suicide Saturday" and try not to enjoy it, I double dare you to! The four immensely talented and extremely handsome Minnesotans are on the verge of achieving something special with their music, and it's only a matter of time before they become omnipresent on every playlist in America.

For more on Hippo Campus, 'Like' them on Facebook over here, follow on Twitter at this spot here, and check out their latest EP "South" on iTunes along with all of their other music over here.

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