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Sweden Based Summer Heart Leads You Into "The Forbidden" With New Single

Photo Credit: Felicia Hansson

Sweden based singer-songwriter Summer Heart releases his dream laced, hypnotic new single that you'll be entranced by called "The Forbidden". Originally going by the name David Alexander, Summer Heart uses a complex array of instrumentation that is confined within the indie pop genre that has a rich texture of aural sounds that hint of a dream pop like atmosphere complete with subtle harmonies and a relaxing, mellow vibe that you'll instantly find some comfort in. I'm a huge fan of the genre already, so I already know what the aura is like surrounding the genre and what emotions it conjures up in its listeners. Summer Heart in particular is very inviting as David brings his own vast musical curiosity into the fray, and adds some rich texture that balances everything out in harmonic fashion and increases awareness about himself to a prospective audience. A very promising musician that has the opportunity to make his presence known here in the States.

To take a listen to "The Forbidden", it's available for streaming on his Soundcloud page right here, and for more on Summer Heart please 'Like' him on Facebook over here and follow him on Twitter as well at this spot here.

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