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Boston's Own Atlas Lab Put Things In Perspective With Live Studio Vid of "Crystal Lake&quot

Locally based psych indie-soul quintet Atlas Lab have just put out a masterfully well crafted live vid for their song "Crystal Lake". Recorded at Green Line Records studios on the hallowed grounds of Northeastern University (home of the Huskies, the Hockey East champs), the band craft an immaculately produced clip that features picturesque shots interspersed throughout coupled with some studio magic that captures the essence and musical spirit of these amazingly talented and gifted musicians. You may remember them from back in December when I first featured them, and I commented on how they were crafting their own path that they set out for themselves, and were on the verge of creating something special with their music. It's clear right now that this has already occurred with this clip that you'll instantly be left spellbound after watching, and will be a group that you'll be magnetically attracted to and be circling all of their upcoming concert dates on your calendar.

For more on Atlas Lab, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and check their official homepage for more in depth information regarding them right here.

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