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Today Junior Meets Up w/ Pulitzer Prize Fighter For "March Bandness" Championship

Photo Credit: Coleman Rogers

It has been narrowed down to just two bands: Today Junior and Pulitzer Prize Fighter will go head to head to claim the crown of MusicBoxPete's "March Bandness" champion! It has been an exciting 3 weeks with all the individual matchups and close finishes, now you the readers will decide who gets to take home the award in what has been a truly exciting contest so far! Both bands are equally deserving of the honor, but only one will get to take home bragging rights and move up the pedestal of great local bands to come out of the Boston area. Voting starts today and continues all week with voting ending on April 16th. The winner will be revealed next Monday 4/18 and will be bestowed upon the title of "March Bandness" champion. Make your presence known and decide who gets to hold this award right now by voting at the upper right hand corner of the page!

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