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Allston Folkies Stains of A Sunflower Gearing Up For Mid East Corner Show Tomorrow Night 4/14

Allston based folk group Stains Of A Sunflower are gearing up for a big local show tomorrow night 4/14 taking place over at the Mid East Corner. The band is celebrating the release of their latest release called "February" that introduces the music loving public to their sound that is just downright infectious and one that you can't knock the melodies out of your head, especially their song "California Sky" which is my personal favorite and one that exemplifies the band's resolve and musical mission. I had no idea who this band was when I first heard them, now I'm fully apprised of their musical capabilities and they definitely seem to know how to keep the audience in the palm of their hand and the attention squarely focused on them. The four piece were created just last year, and have slowly but surely been building a following that has started to gravitate wholeheartedly towards their sound that is equal parts melodic and riveting. A terrific local band that is definitely worth your while.

Other bands that will be joining them tomorrow include The Curry's and Water Walk. RSVP to the event on Facebook over here, and don't forget to 'Like' them while you're there at this link over here, and check out their new album "February" over on their Bandcamp site at this perch here.

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