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NYC Based Indie Rockers Animal Reporters Release Stylish New Tune "Bandits"

Based out of the confines of NYC comes the unique and inventive sounds of Animal Reporters, who have just unfurled their brand new single titled "Bandits". The mysterious and otherworldly tune introduces the sounds to a curious audience who will be taken on a musical odyssey coupled with outstanding rhythms and echoing vocals that puts the listener on a musical stranglehold that will take them all over the map musically, and introduce them to a style of indie rock that is hard to pin down genrewise. I had a blast listening to these guys, and they really seem to have their own musical identity that sets them apart from their contemporaries in the scene right now. If you're an indie rock junkie like myself, you'll definitely find something to appreciate from these talented gents that are well on their way to achieving something really special.

To take a listen to "Bandits", it's up for listening on their Soundcloud page over here, and for more on Animal Reporters please 'Like' them on Facebook right here and follow their adventures on Twitter at this location here.

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