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North Cali Based Jonathan Townes Creates An Aura With New Single "True"

Originally based on the northern edge of California comes the raw and potent sounds of singer songwriter Jonathan Townes with his hypnotic new single "True". Jonathan has a deeply passionate voice with delicate guitar licks and a strong rhythmic sense about him that puts him in a class all by himself, and makes it nearly impossible to compare him to anyone else out there on the scene right now. I was impressed with Jonathan's originality and musical makeup that established his musical pedigree and identity right then and there. He has a definite grasp of what he's singing about and the message that he wants to convey to his audience. A lot of times, musicians sometimes struggle with how to best transmit their emotions and feelings to a gathered audience right in front of them. Jonathan doesn't have to worry about that as he already has the musical confidence and self esteem in front of him to let that handle itself and just focus on the task at hand which is to deliver a quality performance and get people talking afterwards. A tremendously talented musician that is ready for some exposure here.

For more on Jonathan Townes, you can 'Like' him on Facebook over here, follow him on Twitter at this locale right here, and visit his official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info about him, including links to stream his music as well.

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