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2016 Bands of Summer Photo Spread

The return of summer means only one thing here on MusicBoxPete, and that is the return of the famed Bands of Summer photo spread! Every year, musicians submit their photos baring their chiseled bodies that allows everyone to marvel over their physiques and have a deeper appreciation for the carefree nature of the musicians, and their ability to feel unashamed of showing off. This year's crop of musicians is looking pretty fine, along with one honorable non-music mention that is worth scrolling all the way down to the bottom for. And without further ado, here are this year's Bands of Summer participants:

Johnny Coryn (Lion In The Mane)

Kicking off this year's Bands of Summer with Johnny Coryn, drummer for Brooklyn based power pop group Lion In The Mane. These guys are rapidly beginning their ascent up the musical ladder with their appearance at the famed Firefly festival last week that generated some attention, but one thing that always seems to pique the interest of those in attendance is the constant shirtless debauchery of Johnny, who wails away in his own carefree fashion and knows how to keep the audience's eyes focused on him with his killer abs and glistening pecs driving the crowd mad along with the music.

Gone Quite Mad

Another entry coming in from the mean streets of Brooklyn courtesy of indie rockers Gone Quite Mad. These guys might be a relative newcomer to you, as their music is reared with a blues influenced sound along with a slight psychedelic twinge thrown in for good measure. One thing about these boys, and a philosophy that they live by is showing their true colors, and that definitely rings true here with the guys that is anchored by frontman Christopher Gesualdi who has his shirt unbuttoned wide open that will give you a nice warm greeting upon arrival with the other guys reveling and having a grand time just being part of the pic.

Sweet Cambodia

This year marks the first time that all members of a band have agreed to go shirtless, and Sweet Cambodia is none other than the first group to wear that crown! The Orlando, FL based quartet have created a funky rock hybrid that has elements of Sublime and Red Hot Chili Peppers to create an otherworldly experience like no other. One thing about this group is that they're extremely photogenic, and are equally good looking with tremendous bodies and swooning good looks that anyone will marvel over. The members of the group in order of appearance from the top are Donnie Fusion on drums, Eric Charles on guitar/vocals, Savvy Savage on bass/vocals, and Yante Beliveau on lead vocals.

The Story So Far

Warped Tour 2016 participant and Walnut Creek, CA natives The Story So Far are proud and tatted up to be in this year's Bands of Summer edition as you can see from the photo above. The pop punk veterans have been at it for years now, and are looking to gain even more exposure on this summer annual pop-punk mecca that is traveling the country to satisfy the musical appetites of fans from all over. One thing that you'll definitely feel satisfied about is seeing the guys baring their hot bods that is set order from most tatted to least tatted, and one that will have you drooling at your computer screen seeing this beautiful sight in front of you.

Jacksonville Dolphins minor league baseball team

This year's honorable mention belongs to the Jacksonville Dolphins, a minor league baseball team in Florida. With baseball on most peoples minds now that all of the other sports are vacation, our attention shifts to warmer pastures and a string of hot baseball hunks that will definitely get the conversation started around you. The guys blissfully bare all by unbuttoning all of their jerseys to create an aura about them that is equal parts hilarious and erotic that will definitely illicit some arousal and clamour for some man candy that has been put in front of you.

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