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Boston Chillwave Enthusiasts Animal Maps Make Their Triumphant Return With "blow it/sublimate&q

Boston based chillwave trio Animal Maps are back with their brand new single "blow it/sublimate". The track is an instant barn burner of a jam with some elements of Daft Punk intertwined within to give the song a harmonic balance and instant musical gratification right there and then. The song's ethereal nature and careening musicality make the song an eyebrow raiser that will pique the curiosity of music listeners who may not be familiar with the group, but are more than willing to lend an open ear as well. These guys were featured here on the site almost a year ago, and I commented on how their music sets them apart from the other groups in the local scene, and how they were carving out their own destiny with these majestic, musical dreamscapes that were being casted out into the open. These guys have a wealth of potential instilled within them, and their stock looks sky high for the rest of this year and beyond. A fantastic local act that is most certainly going places right now.

To check out "blow it.sublimate", it's now up for your listening pleasure on Bandcamp right over here, and for more on Animal Maps please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and visit their sweet Tumblr feed at this locale here.

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