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Viola Beach Release Posthumous Self Titled Debut LP

The late Warrington, UK based indie band Viola Beach has released their self titled, debut release posthumously just this morning. As you may recall, the group tragically lost their lives back in February when the vehicle they were traveling in fell onto a drawbridge that was raising to allow a tanker to pass through, and then subsequently crashed and fell into the river below. It's a sad time, but otherwise a happy and momentous occasion that the group would no doubt be proud of and are probably looking down now chuffed as hell. The group were also a part of the recent Glastonbury festival in the U.K. when Coldplay frontman Chris Martin displayed one of their BBC studio performances on the video screen to give the lads their time to shine in the spotlight. No doubt this is a sad but joyous event that the group would no doubt be proud of, but the album is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and have the spirit and enthusiasm of the group deep inside of you. The one thing I know for sure is that the group were destined for stardom no two ways about it, and the four best mates were seemingly inseparable and were joined together for their immense love for music and each other, plus all things associated with it. It's also tragic that they died together doing what they loved doing.

You can download the album in its entirety by going over to iTunes right here, and it's also available on a host of other digital streaming music platforms as well.

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