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Boston's Own Earth Heart Releases Debut LP "Homesick"

Boston based garage rockers Earth Heart have just released their debut album today called "Homesick". This effort has been in a long time in the making, with the band being meticulous in their approach and taking their time in making sure that the effort is exactly the way that they envisioned it when they were mapping the effort out in the studio. The band have an easily accessible, garage rock vibe to them with brilliant melodies, deep punctuating rhythms, and tightly wound musicianship that is most evident when you see them in concert for the first time. The group also played a release show last night at Lilypad Inman in Cambridge that probably drew a sizable crowd that was ever so curious as to what this group is all about. These guys have been featured on the site before, and I commented on how they were taking a DIY approach and were going against the grain of what is usually expected of up and coming bands. They most certainly have a long and fruitful career ahead of them that is just waiting for them to go out and rip shit up.

To check out "Homesick" in its entirety, head on over to their Bandcamp site over here and for more on Earth Heart, please like them on Facebook at this junction here.

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