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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan's Alex Bent + The Emptiness Wants You To "Hold On To Me Forever&quo

From our neighbors to the North in Canada comes the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Alex Bent + The Emptiness, who has just released his brand new single titled "Hold On To Me Forever". Taken from his upcoming LP Dead, In The Water that will be released on August 29th, the song melds together some slight electronica influences to create a beautiful, sonic paradise that is almost like you've stepped into a dream, and are turning your head at every corner just basking in the ethereal beauty that is surrounding you at every turn. I was enthralled the moment I first heard Alex, and I know from the get-go that he was something special and had an innate ability to weave emotion into his songwriting and connect with the listener on a deeper much more meaningful level. Alex comes to us from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan which is also the hometown of another band I deeply admire The Sheepdogs who are nothing short of musical wizards themselves. Alex is well on his way to achieving something special with his music, and he most certainly has my undivided attention.

To check out "Hold On To Me Forever", it's now available on his Soundcloud page over here, and for more on Alex Bent + The Emptiness, please 'Like' him on Facebook at this locale right here and check out his official homepage here for more in depth info surrounding his music.

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