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Boston Punk Treasures Zip Tie Handcuffs Release New LP "Headspace"

Photo Credit: Steve Nisotel

Boston punk rock masters Zip Tie Handcuffs are back with their all new full length effort "Headspace" that will be officially released tomorrow 8/20. The effort is a spaced out, wondrous dreamland of in your face melodies coupled with the band's trademark punk aesthetic that runs rampant throughout their music, and one that doesn't relent until the very end. The guys have been featured on the site multiple times before, and are regular mainstays to the burgeoning local scene that has boosted the profiles of several young acts, with Zip Tie Handcuffs largely among the ones in that illustrious pack. What these guys do best is make a spectacle out of their live shows, which have been something of must see entertainment that captivates those in the audience, and allows all the attention to be squarely focused on them, which is the overall goal of a live show. These guys continue to mesmerize me each and every time, and I'm totally convinced that 2016 will be their year from this album which is nothing short of marvelous and incendiary. An amazing act that is well worth the price of admission.

For more on Zip Tie Handcuffs, please 'Like' them on Facebook at this spot here, and check out their Bandcamp site for more punk rock goodness over at this perch right here.

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