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Boston Based Kyle Thornton & The Company Release New Scorcher "Fly Girl"

Photo Credit: 309 Productions

Boston soul/hip-hop collective Kyle Thornton & The Company have dropped their brand new barnburner of a track titled "Fly Girl". The track is an upbeat, blissful track with high energy rhythms and an indelible old school style that will have you clamoring for more by the time the song has concluded. Kyle does a marvelous job with his smoky vocals and guitar riffs working their magic all the way throughout, plus the groove laden bass licks of Henri Young with his trademark ponytail and lovable charm working their magic on concertgoers and listeners, and also the added and collective musical wisdom of all parties involved in the band contribute to what is a very tight knit, congealed group that is starting to move up the rungs on the local music ladder. I got the opportunity to check these guys out in concert a couple of weeks ago at Brighton Music Hall as part of my local compatriots Sound of Boston's local music showcase that they were putting on that evening. What I loved most about Kyle Thornton & The Company was their energy and their ability to get the audience involved which is something that is crucial for any live act to master the art of. An amazingly talented local act that is only going to get bigger over time.

To check out "Fly Girl" for yourself, it's available for streaming on Soundcloud at this spot over here, and it's also available on Apple Music and Spotify among streaming music outlets and for more on Kyle Thornton & The Company, please 'Like' them on Facebook at this locale here and check out their official homepage for more in depth info over here.

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