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Locally Based R&B Soul Funk Masters Biscuits & Gravy Release New Single "Twenty Five&qu

Boston's pride and joy Biscuits & Gravy are gearing to release their brand new album Young Love later this month, and the first single off of it is an addictive dance number that you'll be caught dancing to called "Twenty Five". The song melds together funk and R&B rhythms into one uncontrollable musical outburst that you can't look away from, and one that elicits others to join in on the party and dance in on all the fun. I've heard of Biscuits & Gravy numerous times before, but I never got the opportunity to delve deep into their music and man am I glad I did because their music brings back the joy and enthusiasm of dancing your heart out to your favorite song either driving in your car, in the shower, or randomly out in public. It provides that kind of joy and passion for music not seen in some time, as this song could creep up on a lot of year end 'Best Of' lists as a result of it. One of the most indelible dance numbers that I've heard in quite awhile from a local funk band that are making quite a name for themselves with big waves resulting in this musical hurricane bearing down on us.

To check out "Twenty Five" for yourself, it's available for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud over here, and for more on Biscuits & Gravy please 'Like' them on Facebook at this perch located here, follow them on Twitter at this spot here, and read more about them via their official homepage here.

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