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Vancouver Based Hawking Drops Stylish Music Vid For "Comfortable"

Vancouver based prog alt band Hawking have unveiled their brand new music video for the song "Comfortable". The song is an inventive, stylish affair with dazzling guitar licks and the dead solid vocals of frontman Tom Vanderkam that gets the band off on the right foot from the get go, and allows listeners to marvel over the deep musicality that is omnipresent in front of them. I happened to catch these guys in concert a couple of years ago where they played with my musical best buds Today Junior at the now defunct TT the Bears. What I loved about them was they had their own musical identity to them, and they weren't trying to emulate anyone else playing that evening. They were only trying to be themselves because that's all they know how to be. I also got the chance to interview them as well here on the site where I developed an even deeper admiration and respect for their craft and everything that they represent to the people of British Columbia. If you're looking for prog rock with a slight electronic twinge, then Hawking most certainly will provide you with endless amounts of musical enjoyment and bonding.

For more on Hawking, please 'Like' them on Facebook directly located over here, follow their travels on Twitter at this spot here, and visit their official homepage here for more in depth info regarding them, including links to stream their music.

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