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NYC Indies The Fem Doms Release Stylish New Tune w/ "Dropped"

NYC based indie collective The Fem Doms are making their presence known and turning heads at the same time with their catchy as hell new single titled "Dropped". The six piece have a strong, melodic dynamic that is omnipresent as soon as you hit 'Play' and you'll discover why their sound is grabbing the attention of everyone around them. Their music is hard to describe genrewise, but is an amalgamation of all the members' individual influences that when combined together, provide a vivid snapshot of a young band starting to come to terms of who they are as a band, and starting to realize where their musical path will take them. Upon first discovery of their music, one thing I've noticed is the band's youthful vibe and spirit are fluid on approach, and have an easy going to nature to them that will be attractive to the casual music fan passing through to gain some perspective on who they are as a band. While everything looks promising right now as we speak, I'm curious as to where their path will take them in a few years and when they'll really put themselves together as a formidable collective.

To take a listen to "Dropped", it's available for listening on Soundcloud over here, and for more on The Fem Doms please 'Like' them on Facebook over here for all the latest up to the minute updates, including shows possibly coming to the area in the not too distant future.

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