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Denver Based In The Whale Gearing To Hit Up Mid East Upstairs Next Thur. 9/29

Denver based duo In The Whale are gearing up to make their presence known in the Boston area next Thursday 9/29 when stop by the Mid East Upstairs. The guys have a loud, hard nosed sound that is an amalgamation of the band's individual influences that are loud, furious, and sometimes in your face, but in the end it all comes together as one delightful musical mixture that you'll find yourself coming back to for more. I was pleasantly surprised by these guys as they have their own defined sound and weren't trying to emulate anyone else and were strictly adhering to the musical script in front of them that results in a well thought out and filled in sound. Their just released new single "American Eyes" from their upcoming EP Quicksand is a preview of things to come from this handsome duo that are looking to make an impression on Boston area listeners with their quick musical wit and vivacious personalities that are both an equal match and should make for an entertaining evening for sure.

To take a listen to "American Eyes", it's available for listening on their Soundcloud page over here, and for more on In The Whale please stop by their Facebook page here and check out their official homepage directly at this spot here for more in depth info about them.

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