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Boston Darlings Earth Heart Releases DIY Styled Video For "Demons"

Boston based garage rockers Earth Heart have released their brand new, homemade music video for the song "Demons". The DIY styled clip shows the creative ingenue that the band have flowing through their veins with random shots of the band watching Full House reruns on TV, then deciding to head out for a late night stroll that sounds like the start of a horror movie gone awry with an ominous vibe ahead hence the song's title. Anytime a band walks into a graveyard, it doesn't go over well but the band know how to inject their own sense of storytelling, and coupled it with a killer and infectious track to make the listener feel enthralled and thrown right into the action. Earth Heart are definitely climbing fast up the Boston music scene ladder, and they really seem to have a grasp on the DIY aspect that makes up their DNA and musical aesthetic in general. Anytime a band can grab the audience's attention by crafting utter pieces of mastery like this, the collective will be in great shape moving forward. A terrific act that should be on your musical radar now if they haven't been already.

For more on Earth Heart, please 'LIke' them on Facebook over at this locale here and check out their music on Bandcamp conveniently located over here.

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