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Berklee Grad Jamil Kassam Releases Poignant Music Vid For "Rise Now"

Ivory Coast based and Berklee grad Jamil Kassam has released a touching and well evoked lyric video for his song "Rise Now". The clip couples together lyrics along with brilliant snapshots that tied in well with Jamil's musical message that can be a bit overwhelming, but is well worth watching all the way through to get a full grasp of. The clip touches upon a variety of societal issues, most notably coming out to a friend in which this song was inspired about. It's very hard to keep things about yourself lodged deep inside of you, but the great thing about the power of song is that it shares your struggle and personality with all those around you and keeps that message of hope alive for everyone else to share and learn from. Jamil has also said that this song also serves as an alternate meaning for him to break out as a musician and take charge creatively of his own craft, and steering his musical ship in the direction that he so chooses. A tremendously talented artist that is worthy of a look over.

For more on Jamil Kassam, please 'Like' him on Facebook over at this link here and follow his adventures located on Twitter at this spot right here.

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