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Biscuits & Gravy - Young Love

Boston based R&B soul outfit Biscuits & Gravy have released their brand new album titled Young Love. This promising up and coming band delivers a bevy of R&B and soul influenced numbers that cross borders between genres, and delivers a diverse and entertaining mixture to the fray that will leave you entertained and musically occupied all the way throughout.

We start things off with "Girl So Fine", a high energy dance number with a little sprinkle of electronica with the compelling vocals of frontman David Huddleston leaving you spellbound and wanting more by the time the song has concluded. "Down With You" starts off with a variety of brass arrangements that offers a little something different up the band's arsenal, and is a more ensemble based affair than the previous track that allows the listener to get a first hand glimpse of how the band operates musically, and how they interact with each other on the musical page. "Gravy" features a series of electronically guided musical charges that deviate somewhat from the band's primary musical course, but not enough to derail the greatness that is abound at the turn. "Twenty-Five" is my favorite track off the album with a pulsating drum beat brought forth by Mark Ward that creates an almost sexual atmosphere, and turns up the hotness factor right away that permeates throughout the entire track, feeling the arousal from the sonic wavelengths that are impossible to control, and you'll have no choice but to give into the musical satisfaction that will fulfill your musical desires right then and there.

We get ready to close things out with "Turn My Way", a low key, dimly lit tune that evokes the band's musical diversity and their ability to delve deep inside the listeners' emotions, and allowing them to bubble up to the surface. "Real Talk" ends our musical odyssey with a deep, punctuating tune that encapsulates everything we've heard previously in one succinct musical pattern, and allows us to reflect on the positive journey that we've had until the very end. I got the opportunity to check these guys out in concert this past Summer at the Sound of Boston showcase @ Brighton Music Hall, and I was more than impressed with the band's ability to capture the audience's attention, and bring everyone together in the power of song and dance to create a truly powerful community that is united through everyone's emotions. A stellar act that we'll be hearing plenty more from in the near future.

Album Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

1. Girl So Fine

2. Down With You

3. Heartbreaker

4. Gravy

5. Twenty-Five

6. Shine

7. Turn My Way

8. Real Talk

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