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Winchester, MA Based My Tulpa Create A Lush, Cohesive Sound on Upcoming EP "Oh, Amy/Charley Bra

Winchester, MA based indie trio My Tulpa have landed on listener's radar screens with their upcoming double EP slated for release on October 27th titled "Oh Amy/Charley Braun". The group's sound is based upon a simply structured indie framework coupled with spurts of folk and other random genres thrown into the mic that when combined, makes for a deep and thorough listening experience. I knew from the first time I heard these gents that they were onto something special, and they have a deep, punctuating rhythm to their music that forces listeners to sit down and take notice of their sound that is equal parts brilliant and unwavering with their expert musicianship on vivid display for all to marvel and be raptured over. An impressive young act that we'll definitely be hearing plenty more from in the not too distant future.

To check out their song "The Great Lustration" and to pre-order the upcoming double EP, head on over to My Tulpa's Bandcamp page over at this link here, and for more on the guys please 'Like' them on Facebook right over here, and check out more of their music on Soundcloud conveniently located over here.

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