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Bridgeport, CT Based Lines West "Live It Down" On New Single

Bridgeport, CT based Lines West are making a dent in listener's playlists with their brand new single titled "Live It Down". The group's musical style is based upon a concoction of post Americana and power pop blends that add up for an entertaining and thorough listen. I was a virtual newcomer to these guys, and they definitely have an easy going vibe to them that translates into something spectacular when you sit down and listen to them for the first time. What they're trying to do is elicit a strong emotional response from the listener, and they succeed in doing just that and making sure the audience's attention is squarely focused on them. It takes strong effort and a lot of persistence to grab hold of the audience's attention in an effective manner, and when you touch them emotionally in just the right spot, that receptive gratitude can last for miles and miles on end. An extremely promising new act that is most certainly worth a try.

To check out "Live It Down" for yourself, it's up on their Soundcloud page directly over here, and for more on Lines West please 'Like' them on Facebook at this link here and check out their official homepage at this spot here for more info regarding the band.

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