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Boston's Own Dan Masterson Wins Last Band Standing Competition at Hard Rock Cafe

Boston based piano-popper Dan Masterson has just won the Last Band Standing competition, hosted recently at Hard Rock Cafe in Faneuil Hall. The group have slowly but surely been climbing up the rungs of the local music scene ladder, entertaining listeners with their indelible blend of piano rock rhythms and effective stage presence that is reminiscent of Andrew McMahon and The Wilderness with that ability to make listeners feel emotionally connected to the music and to the band as well. Dan is of course no stranger to the site and has been featured here numerous times over the last several years. The many times I've met and seen him in concert I've grown more impressed with his abilities as a musician and the way he constantly strives to hone and improve his craft each and every time. I'm blessed to know Dan and see his talents evolve over the years into a musical tour de force that seems to be evolving right before our very eyes.

For more on Dan Masterson, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here to stay in line with their upcoming tour dates, and follow him on Twitter as well from this locale right here, and check out their official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info regarding the band, including links to stream their music.

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