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Western Education - Restless Dreams

Lowell, MA based Western Education have just dropped their eagerly anticipated, brand new LP titled Restless Dreams. The three piece are beginning to come into their own as musicians, and expand upon on their sound demonstrated on their last LP "Let Your Secrets Out" that officially put them on the map with their indie synth vibe turning alot of heads and ears in the process.

We start things out with "Running Wild", a song that strikes the perfect balance between the indie rock and synth realms, with the spot on lead vocals of Greg Alexandropoulos evoking the free spirit and charisma that is yearning to explode right out of the gate, and does so masterfully and right on cue. The first single from the LP "Skin Deep" is my favorite track off the album that is a true band effort, with dynamic rhythms and Greg's vocals reaching dazzling new heights never before dreamed of. Fantastic guitar work from Georgio Broufas and slick bass licks from Will Hunt make this song a hallmark of the LP just two songs in, and one that you'll remember the band by from just one note. "Vampire Hours" is another stellar track that showcases the band's diversity and their ability to experiment with different genres, and Greg's vocals are once again at the top of their game with a gentle cooing and toned down musicality blowing minds right away, and showing that the band are a multifaceted one capable of just about anything they see fit.

The album gets ready to close out with "Different Animals", a careening, dynamic rocker that features a bevy of different musical arrangements that hit at just the right sweet spot, and provides for an entertaining and thorough musical listen as the effort begins to wind down. We close things out on "Whenever You Call", a strong edged tune that best encapsulates the band in a nutshell: strong edged indie synth rhythms that best represent the band's sonic wavelengths that have evolved tremendously since their debut, and are gearing towards making a huge impact both here locally and across the country as well. I've featured Greg and the boys countless times over the years, and finally getting to meet them in person this past July before their Mid East Upstairs show sealed the deal for me on these guys. What really got me was Greg's touching words and praise for me helping get the band noticed that deeply touched and moved me with his comments as it's people like him that drive me to do what I do each and every day.

In summary, an outstanding and top notch effort from Western Education, a band that are only just beginning their odyssey as one of Boston's most buzzed about bands that are primed to break through over to the big time with this effort, and hopefully many more to follow. Required listening!

Score: 5/5

Track Listing:

1. Running Wild

2. Skin Deep

3. Stay Inside

4. Vampire Hours

5. The Disappearance of Bobby Walten

6. Different Animals

7. Whenever You Call

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