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Macclesfield, UK Based Cassia Get Exotic With New Single "100 Times Over"

Macclesfield, UK based indie trio Cassia are conjuring up musical images of the beach and sun with their hypnotic new single "100 Times Over". The single is an upbeat slice of heaven with colorful guitar licks reminiscent as if Vampire Weekend became beach bums, and would spend the majority of their time with their toes lodged in the sand or their bodies in the water. Rob, Lou, and Leff have a strong musical partnership that allows each member to be constantly intertwined with one another musically that provides an endless amount of joy and satisfaction when listeners hear the finished musical product. I could hear my heart skip a beat when I first heard this track as I was instantly hooked with the band's sun soaked melodies and endless harmonic interludes that had me breathless and yearning for more. It's not often you get so emotionally invested in one particular band that makes you feel so good, but Cassia definitely have that secret ingredient and want to tag along with you on your blissful voyages!

To check out "100 Times Over" for yourself, it's available on their Soundcloud page over here and for more on Cassia please 'Like' them on Facebook at this link here and follow their adventures on Twitter over here and on Instagram as well right here for sweet pics of the lads.

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