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Aberdare, UK Based New Revival Dazzle Listeners On New Single "Twisted"

Aberdare, UK based New Revival are set to rapture listeners on their brand new single "Twisted". The song has an upbeat, high energy feel to it with elements of indie rock and reggae thrown in for good measure to give it a harmonic balance to it that really sets things ablaze right away. I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard from these guys, I didn't expect these guys to have such a diverse sound that hits at all angles from across the musical spectrum, and really keeps listeners on their toes almost immediately. There's something very pleasant and comforting from these guys across the pond, and they really are beginning to make people here in the US swoon with their good looking charm and easy musical accessibility that will make them welcome occupants to any playlists that you'll be whipping up. A tremendously talented act that is beginning to plant some seeds here in the States.

To check out "Twisted" in its entirety, check their music video for it on YouTube over here and for more on New Revival please 'Like' them on Facebook over at this link here and follow their travels on Twitter right at this junction here.

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