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CT Based Jonathan Something Weaves An Intricate Portrait On New Single "A Fan"

Photo Credit: Megan K. Smith

Connecticut based Jonathan Something creates a musical smorgasbord of delights on his brand new single titled "A Fan". This song is mostly designed within the vein of baroque styled pop rock with a multi instrumented mindset that is difficult to pick up certain genres he's trying to emulate, and that's the overall point at what he's attempting to do as he's crafting his own genre that is a bold and courageous effort that results in the eloquent mastery that you hear right in front of you. There's no denying Jonathan's talent and pure, unadulterated charm that is just seeping right out of your speakers with such passion, grit, and determination to make the songs sound brilliant and poignant at the same time. Jonathan is an immensely talented individual with a high degree of talent and an innate ability to craft something that is entirely his own creation and not trying to emulate anyone else out there that makes him all the more impressive and a talent to keep a watchful eye on in the New Year and beyond.

To check out "A Fan" for yourself, it's available on his Soundcloud page right over here and for more on Jonathan Something please 'Like' him on Facebook right here to stay in tune with his musical dealings, and upcoming shows to the Boston area when 2017 rolls around.

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