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Oxford, UK Based The Kaos Release Gorgeous Music Vid For "Cold"

Oxford, UK based punk rockers The Kaos have released their beautifully shot vid for the song "Cold". The video takes us behind the scenes of the band recording the song, which includes Josh Audas on guitar and vocals, Ellis Reiber-Hodgson on bass, and Adam Warren on drums. What's great about the band is that even if you're not a punk rock fan, you'll absolutely love this vid as the song isn't too overly intense, and hits at just the right angle for you to fall viciously in love with the guitar riffs interluded with the bass and Josh's unbelievable vocals. I'm not into punk rock myself, but absolutely loved this song and what really attracted me to this video in the first place was the beautiful cinematography of this vid that was shot by Josh's younger brother. It always seems that part of my heart is lodged in the UK, and these guys are the captors of it as they've really captured my love and undivided attention that I'll be giving endless amounts of in the near future. A group of brilliant and extremely handsome lads that are set to take the U.S. next on their radar.

For more on The Kaos, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their travels on Twitter via this locale here.

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