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Boston Based First Frost Gearing For EP Release Show @ OBrien's Next Fri. 1/27

Photo Credit: Anna Rae

The band formerly known as Foliage has changed their name to First Frost, and is gearing to hold an EP release show at O'Brien's Next Fri. 1/27 that will definitely incite some attention among the local music scene and general concertgoers as well. The band's sound can best be described as indie rock transcribed with elements of shoegaze and experimental sounds to create something that truly has emotional depth and musical clarity. Lauren's voice has a vivid and beautiful element that creates a sonic wavelength that affects the surrounding instrumentation and allows each member of the band to gradually meld into the sonic cohesion as a whole. I've run into Lauren on a couple of occasions at some Boston Scene Party meet-ups, and it's great to see the band find their footing and evolve as a whole into a collective that everyone can feel comfortable with, and take steps towards a possibly long lasting and fruitful career. A very intriguing up and coming act that is definitely worth a look over.

Definitely consider checking out their show at O'Brien's next Fri. 1/27 that also has Body English, Bears for Years, and Vitamin Sun joining the bill. RSVP to the event via Facebook right here, and while you're there don't forget to 'Like' the band here to stay connected, and check out their EP now available for streaming on Bandcamp conveniently located over here.

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