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LA Based Pacific Radio Set The "Kitchen Table" On New EP

From the City of Angels otherwise known as Los Angeles comes the sounds of Pacific Radio, whom have just released their brand new EP titled "Kitchen Table". The tunes have an upbeat, charismatic vibe to them that is almost unclassified in origin, but traces its roots to its warm and sunny surroundings in California where it takes its natural influence from the environment around them. What really makes this band unique and special is to immediately connect with the audience and make them feel like they're getting in on the action. I found myself immediately attracted to these guys from the get go, and it was that said connection I felt that made me feel like one of the concertgoers just being spellbound at what was occurring right in front of me. These guys definitely have a special way about them, and it's definitely worthy to check these guys out for a test spin.

To check out their mew EP "Kitchen Table" in its entirety, head on over to their Soundcloud page over here and for more on Pacific Radio, 'Like' them on Facebook over at this link here, and check out their official homepage over here for more in depth info concerning the band.

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