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Fort Worth, TX's Own Austin Blair Campbell Dazzles Listeners on New Single "I Can't (Le

Fort Worth, TX based singer-songwriter Austin Blair Campbell makes his name known all over the map with his stunning new single "I Can't (Let You Go)". His compelling voice instantly melts hearts upon contact, and you immediately feel that connection upon first listen that lasts well beyond the length of this song, and you'll definitely find yourself wanting to know more about this burgeoning talent. Recorded at The Hang Studios down in Hurst, TX and coupled with the enchanting vocals of Kylee Lyles, this song is an absolute must listen and is too beautiful to be ignored. When I first heard his voice, it's as if I've known Austin my whole life as he exudes the pride and beauty of everything associated with Texas, and you can't help but to bask in the musical warmth and glow of his aura that is shining infinitesimally right before you. I knew something was special when he reached out to me via e-mail, and I know that this is only the beginning for Austin, one of the most beautiful, passionate, and dedicated country artists I've come across in my travels. Highly recommended!

To check out the beauty and magic of "I Can't (Let You Go)", it's available for listening on his Soundcloud page over here and for more on Austin Blair Campbell, please give him a well deserved 'Like' on his Facebook page at this spot here.

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