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NYC Indies The New Tarot Gearing For Big Local Show Tonight @ Marran Theatre

NYC based indie collective The New Tarot are prepping to hit the stage in Cambridge tonight when they make their presence known at the Marran Theatre just steps away from Lesley University. The group is fronted by two sisters, and they share the same dynamic musicality that manifests itself well on stage where their talents become known to those in attendance. I myself don't know much about the group, but they share this cosmic connection that gives them an otherworldly vibe that can't possibly be explained adequately here. When siblings come together to form bands, it can be an enthralling and mesmerizing experience to see two voices rendered from the same gene pool combine their talents into one unfathomable experience, and that is the result of The New Tarot. Sometimes, their live set borders on the bizarre and unexpected so if you're looking for a show to take you away from the ordinary, these two sisters have a surprise or two right up their sleeve to bring your jaw immediately to the floor.

The Marran Theatre is located at 34 Mellen St. in Cambridge, MA. For more on tonight's show, click on the Facebook event listing here and while you're there, don't forget to 'Like' The New Tarot here and follow their adventures via Twitter from this perch located over here.

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