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San Fran Based Matt Reagan Is Going To "Let Things End" On New Single

San Francisco based singer songwriter Matt Reagan is crafting his own sound on his brilliant new single "Let Things End". You may also remember Matt from his other outfit 2AM Club that established his musical framework, now Matt is feeling the brimming confidence to step out on his own and into his musical comfort zone that sees him expanding greatly on the indie pop sound that has seemed to define who he is both as an individual and as a musician. It didn't take me long for me to grasp onto the lush musical soundscapes that were omnipresent at every turn, and seemed to get deeper and more expansive as the song progressed. Matt is a brilliant and talented performer who seems to have a handle on what matters most to his musical audience, and holds an unflinching view on how to convey the emotions of his listener base into a cohesive and emotionally connecting track. A truly marvelous talent who is deserving of some exposure here.

To check out "Let Thing's End", you can have a listen on Soundcloud right over here and for more on Matt Reagan please give him a 'Like' on Facebook right over here and follow his travels via Twitter at this perch here.

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