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Local Natives Bat House Release Colorful "Yarn" From Upcoming Self-Titled LP

Photo Credit: Alex Humphreys

Boston local outfit Bat House have just released their playful new track titled "Yarn", from their upcoming self-titled album due to be released on April 14th. The track features a bevy of musical tempos and genres that find themselves well on the musical page, splattered here and about just enough for the listener to pick up the pieces and assemble. These guys have been featured on the site before, and I marveled at how they were unlike anything else currently out there and were beginning to make a reputation for themselves as a Boston band to watch. That mission seems to be totally coming to fruition as their schedule shifts into overdrive mode with the impending release of their new album. The group have a potent, raw style that is all their own and it's only a matter of time before everybody becomes familiar with their name and everything they stand for. An amazing track that should tide you over in time before the new release comes out.

To check out "Yarn" for yourself, it's available for streaming on their Soundcloud site over here and for more on Bat House please 'Like' them on Facebook at this spot here and check out their official website right here for all the latest updates directly from the band.

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