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Texas Raised Austin Blair Campbell Releases 2nd Single "Uphill Climb"

Fort Worth, TX's pride and joy Austin Blair Campbell has just released his 2nd single "Uphill Climb" from his forthcoming release of the same name. You may remember him from the post a few weeks back debuting his first song "I Can't (Let You Go)" that established his brilliant and emotionally poignant songwriting and simplistic melodies that define who he is a person, and is also reflective of his surroundings and upbringing in the Lone Star state as well. On the title track, the song has a country tinged, down home characteristic with more uptempo musical swings that gather you up right away, and puts you right in the middle of a good ol' Texas hoedown. What I love the most about Austin is that he has a diverse musical library that allows him to switch tempos at the drop of a hat, and makes him that much more potent to the naked music eye. Seeing as I'll be down in Texas in a couple of weeks on Mar. 15 for SXSW, it would be a thrill and honor to cross paths with this outstanding gentleman and musician who is on the cusp of something special with his music.

To take a listen to "Uphill Climb", head on over to his official homepage over here, and while you're there please donate to his crowdfunding campaign via PayPal that will fund the recording process and reimburse musicians, pus handle distribution costs as well. Also take the time to 'Like' him on Facebook right here as well to stay in touch with all of his musical dealings.

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