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Restaurants to Check Out In Austin @ SXSW

As you whet your musical appetite down in Austin, one thing that is perennially known around the area is their mouth watering barbecue and the amounts of restaurants, food trucks, and street vendors around the area is mind boggling and can be a jungle at times. With this handy guide, I give you this list of recommended restaurants to check out around the area as you fill in the gap between checking out your favorite bands. Please check the restaurants home pages for hours as some restaurants close in the afternoon, and reopen later on for dinner service. Here are some hot picks:

Star Bar - 600 6th St W. Austin, TX

Friends Bar - 208 E 6th St. Austin, TX

Ranch 616 - 616 Neuces St. Austin, TX

Franklin BBQ 900 E. 11th St. Austin, TX

Lambert's 401 W. 2nd St. Austin, TX

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