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PREMIERE: Check Out The Latest From Boston Indies Arms and Ears Titled "Bamboo"

Boston indies Arms and Ears make their triumphant return with their brand spanking new single just released this morning titled "Bamboo". The high energy, melodic explosions heard will definitely jolt you out of the winter doldrums and gear you for the warmer weather hopefully coming around the corner. Frontman Rocco D'Angelo has a very easy going way about him, and he brings that overwhelming positivity with him when you meet in person, and also on stage that really makes you fall head over heels for their vivacious musical personalities and general overall musical warmth. I've had the opportunity to check them out in concert a few years ago, and they truly blew me away with their live set which best exemplifies the band's on stage style and creative vision that is very basic and simple, but the songs themselves are anything but basic and simple and truly are groundbreaking and definitely present a group that are starting to build a reputation as a must see act. A immensely satisfying track that is worth your listening time.

To check out "Bamboo" in its entirety, it's available for streaming on Bandcamp right here and for more on Arms and Ears, please 'Like' them on Facebook conveniently located at this perch here for all the latest updates, including upcoming shows to the area as well.

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