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Vermont Based Henry Jamison Setting Out on Tour w/ Tall Heights

Vermont based singer-songwriter Henry Jamison is gearing up to head out on tour with Tall Heights in tow starting in May. The tour is in support of his debut EP "The Rains" that is starting to make all sorts of buzz and wave around town with his delicate, mellow vocals curing what ails you constructed around a simple acoustic framework that really makes you appreciate the beauty and spirit of his wonder that is blossoming all around you. I was sold on Henry from the start, as he has a very user accessible vibe to him that really showcases a no frills, bare bones musical approach that you just don't see often from other musicians similar to his style. Having this sort of mindset really makes music that much more passionate and able to transcend boundaries and affect the way people think, act, and behave. It's this sort of inherent understanding that makes Henry a sight to behold and a thrill to hear coming out of your speakers. A splendid act that is most certainly worthy of putting on top of your playlist. No Boston dates on this tour, but the closest he'll be is at The Iron Horse in Northampton on May 9.

For more on Henry Jamison, please give him a well deserved "Like' on Facebook via this perch here, follow his travels on Twitter here, and check out more of his music via his Soundcloud site at this spot here.

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