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The Ultraviolet - The Tales of Our Youth

Lincolnshire, UK based The Ultraviolet have landed with their all new EP "The Tales of Our Youth". The 5 song effort chronicles the band's stylish alt rock mixed in with a dash of pop-punk that represents the band's musical influences, and is representative of their upbringing in the United Kingdom where the music scene there is really flourishing thanks to the creative wisdom and talents of everyone residing there who are equally contributing to a naturally vibrant music scene nurtured by endless fan support.

We kick things off with "You're Better On Your Own", a straightforward, no nonsense rocker that kicks things off in high form. The wondrous lead vocals of Ben Thorn presents a vivid snapshot of a British band finding their way, and taking their style that they have honed for so long to the forefront. "Signal Flare" is a more toned down affair with solid guitar riffs courtesy of Sam Beck that also showcases the band's diversity and their ability to adapt to a whole set of genres that gives the band even more clout and prestige, plus also has some nifty vocal interludes in the chorus that also adds a dash of pop-punk flare to make the guys even more musically attractive to the naked ear. "I Wrote You A Letter" is my favorite track off the album that dims the lights low a little bit musically, and bringing in the collective wisdom of the whole band to deliver something that they all equally care about. Terrific drum blasts from Russ Smith and indelible bass licks from Emilio Parla bring everything full circle here, and signals the start of something special for these lads moving forward. 'Wake Up Dead" gets us ready for the close of the album, bringing in some key elements we heard at various points throughout, and puts it on a platform for us to draw our own conclusions as to what the album made us feel, and also gives us some general observations on the band as a whole also. "All I Need Is To Be Needed" closes everything out here with a classic pop-punk edge to it that really warms your heart, and brings out a retro flashback for those of us who grew up in the early '00's and marveled at all those acts that inspired us in our teenage years. The Ultraviolet do just that, and brings about a sense of our youth and reminds us of who we are and inspire us to think young and always reflect on the moments that makes us who we are and to always embrace the ones that contributed to the person you are today.

All in all, a solid and ace effort from The Ultraviolet, an act who are largely unknown here in the States but definitely deserve some praise as they evoke characteristics of bands from back in our high school years that remind us to always embrace our youth and never hold back our desire for the simpler times of long ago that made us who we are.

EP Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

1. You're Better On Your Own

2. Signal Flare

3. I Wrote You A Letter

4. Wake Up Dead

5. All I Need Is To Be Needed

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